Winter News from Glendale Farms

We had a busy fall and holiday season and welcome the new year reset at the farm. Even though it is freezing out, our greenhouse furnaces are fired up keeping our seedlings warm. Talking about seedlings, we are happy to report that they are growing well with the increasing daylight while the farm staff stays busy planting and planning for the spring season. We are continuing to count down the days (52 more) until March 20th, the vernal equinox.
In the mean time, as the winter slowly chugs along, we continue to process and take in wholesale orders, make repairs around the farm, and fill up our greenhouses with our spring flowers, herbs and vegetable plants for your home gardens. There is never a dull minute around the farm as we have plenty of chores to tend to while the daylight is up. We look forward to spring and welcoming our friends back to the farm. In the mean time, we will continue to grow plants and tend to our resident horse boarders.

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Greenhouse with spring seedlings

Winter Farm Hours

We are open daily to the trade and welcome your visits and calls for wholesale orders. 203-874-7203
Gardeners are welcome to check us out on Facebook and Instagram for pictures and news. In the mean time, enjoy some winter activities and stay warm!
Also, don’t forget to water your over-wintering plants to keep them alive until spring.

Harvesting What You Grow

There is something very rewarding about harvesting vegetables that you have grown yourself.
While many gardeners enjoy flowering plants, others take pride in growing plants that are edible.
You will find a variety of vegetable and herb plants at Glendale Farms for your edible garden. Our selection of vegetable and herb plants are available in flats and pots of varying sizes.
Vegetables and Herbs at Glendale Farms

January Gardening Chores

  • Start a garden record book to record dates and times of bloom, first and last frosts, fertilizing and when chores need to be done.
  • Take a look at your garden and make notes about where more plants are needed color combinations and what needs to be transplanted in the spring.
  • Plan out your spring garden, organize and update your notes from the fall, make a diagram drawn to scale of what you want to plant
  • Check and water your over wintering plants stored in your garage or basement
  • Put your holiday poinsettias in a bright room and keep the soil moist but not wet. Keep them away from drafts. You will have beautiful plants to enjoy in February for Valentine’s Day.
  • Remove freshly fallen snow from tender shrubs and trees to avoid breakage
  • Check stored dahlia, canna and gladiolus bulbs for rotting and/or drying out
  • Check for frost heaving on perennials and cover with extra mulch if necessary
  • Use wood ashes sparingly from the fireplace as a good source of potash
  • Avoid the use of salt to melt snow as it is toxic to most plants; use sawdust, sand or cat litter

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