Winter 2023 ENews

January 2023

Farm News & Update from Tim

I want to take a few minutes to thank all of our staff for the hard work that they put in over the past year and to the many who have been working on the farm for years. I would not have been able to do it alone and I appreciate all of the effort that you make to ensure a successful crop and happy customers. Thank you for your hard work.

Next, I want to thank all of my customers for your continued support and loyalty to Glendale Farms. Your gardens and landscaping looked tremendous during the year.

I know that it is a challenge for a gardener to keep their garden and landscaping looking amazing. Of course all of your efforts are rewarded provided that you use quality plants like the ones that you will find at Glendale Farms.

Our history and reputation as a premier greenhouse grower keeps us in business and customers coming back year after year. Once the plants leave the farm however, you need to be diligent and tend to the watering and fertilizing needs of your garden throughout the season. Because nature is unpredictable with dry spells or too much rain, dealing with the elements can be extremely challenging. Our quality plants and your proper care will go a long way in dealing with the weather and will give you great results for the entire growing season.

Now that our poinsettia season is over we jump right into growing plants for the next season. We will be working hard over the next several months choosing and growing the right plants and hanging basket combinations for our customers. We aim to be ready so that when the weather warms, we can answer your need for flowers and vegetables right here at Glendale Farms.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the farm in April for those early spring plants and vegetables. For now, finish up those final garden chores and snuggle up with a good gardening book.

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January at Glendale Farms

We are open daily to the trade and welcome your visits and calls for wholesale orders. Need something special? We are happy to accommodate.

Call us 203-874-7203.

Gardeners, do you have something to share with us? Pictures of your gardens, landscaping or patios are welcome. You can tag #GlendaleFarms on Facebook and @GlendaleFarms on Instagram. We also welcome questions on our blog page.

Gardening Chores for Connecticut in January

  • Finish clearing the leaves off your lawn. This will make your lawn stronger in the spring. Don’t walk on frozen grass.
  • Take in and clean off tools before storing for the winter.
  • Take in pots and any potted plants that are to winter over. Be sure to keep plants watered during the winter
  • Check your mulch and weed your planting beds one last time before the ground freezes. Gently shake off any snow from shrubs so that they do not break from the weight.
  • Add a winter mulch after the ground has frozen and plants have entered dormancy. Mulch will ensure that your garden soil stays a constant temperature.
  • Prune dead branches from trees and shrubs so that they do not weaken the plant from heavy snow. Do not prune spring flowering shrubs until the spring.
  • Empty the gas from mowers and any other equipment as the gas will break down over the winter and you may loose your equipment as a result.
  • Reflect on the garden and start thinking about your spring and summer gardens. Update your garden journal making notes about what you liked or didn’t like about this season’s garden.
  • Be sure to visit Glendale Farms come April to start your early vegetables and pansies.

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