You have a few more chores before putting your garden tools away for the winter.

Halloween is just a day away so along with its arrival, we are ready to say goodbye to the fall season on the farm and look toward the holiday season.

This fall has been fairly warm so many of us have enjoyed the extra summer like weather to work in our gardens. From the look of things, our mums and fall season plants made for some pretty festive fall displays in neighborhoods around us as many residents made gorgeous floral arrangements using mums, pumpkins, gourds, baskets and more to welcome the season.

Fall is a great time to get your yard and home chores done before the onset of the holidays and the colder days of winter. We have a few tips and a list of chores so keep reading and remember to take in any plants that you plan to over-winter.

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Farm Update

All of our fall flowers have been sold (thank you) and the seasonal poinsettias are growing well in the Greenhouses.

We are taking orders now for poinsettias. Great for fund raising, wholesalers, businesses, religious organizations and others. Call Deb or Tim at 203-874-7203 to place your order.

The greenhouses will open for retail sales in mid November. We hope that you will come by the farm for your holiday flowers. We will be busy adding some holiday decorating ideas for using poinsettias in different ways so check back often.

Glendale Farms will be open daily – seven days a week after Thanksgiving for retail sales of our poinsettias. We accept cash and checks. Please call for hours if you are uncertain when we are open.

We look forward to seeing you over the holiday season.

October Gardening Chores

It is time to get your fall garden ready for winter and next spring

Dig up dahlias, gladioli, and other tender plants after the foliage dies back. Let the soil dry and shake off excess before storing for the winter.
Weed your garden now.

Plant hardy spring-flowering bulbs such as tulip, daffodil, hyacinth and crocus corms. Plant snowdrop, and star of Bethlehem bulbs.

Place chicken wire on the ground over newly planted bulbs to deter animals from digging.
Plant garlic for harvesting next summer.

Harvest remaining vegetables sensitive to frost, including winter squash, pumpkins, Swiss chard and sweet potatoes.

Harvest Brussels sprouts and kale when ready to eat; they’ll sweeten through the cold snaps.

Cut perennials 3 to 4 inches from the ground once the flower stalks have died and turned brown.

Remove leaves from your lawn; use as mulch for plants or shred and add to compost.

Remove any dead or diseased plants from your garden for fewer diseases next spring. Do not compost diseased plants.

Leave seed heads on asters, sunflowers, and cosmos for birds to eat over the winter.

Did you test your soil? If you need to raise or lower the pH of your soil, add the required amendments, such as sulfur or lime, this fall because they take some time to work.

Edge your garden borders.

Prepare tools for storage by cleaning them once you’re finished with them.

Move containers in for winter storage.

Visit Glendale Farms after Thanksgiving for your holiday poinsettias and host gifts.
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