Summer 2022

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It is that time of year to finish up with spring chores and settle into summer. Gardens should be planted now and patios decorated and ready to entertain guests.

Take a few steps back to see if you have any gaps to fill. You may have room for another plant or two so take a trip over while we still have a great selection to choose from.

If you do not find the exact plant that you are looking for, be flexible and try something new. We recommend that you focus on the colors and shapes that you are looking for. Our staff will help with suggestions and guidance.

As the month of June goes on, our inventory will become low so do not wait to pick up your final plants for the patio, the porch, the deck and the flower and vegetable gardens.

At Glendale Farms you have choices from hanging baskets, to potted combinations, single pots and flats. We make a bunch of different sizes to help suit the gardener’s needs. Buying local makes a big impact and we are a family owned farm.

Now, if your garden is really full, well, have you considered picking up a hanging basket as a host gift? How about for Father’s Days? Living plants and flowers make a great gift. Make a host feel special and show your gratitude all season long. Make a splash with Dad. Pick up a couple extras while we have them in stock. If your plans are a couple of weeks off, that is ok, you can enjoy them yourself before bringing them along to present to your host. More about hanging basket care below.

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The Edible Garden

There is something truly rewarding about harvesting vegetables that you have grown yourself. You will find a variety of vegetable and herb plants at Glendale Farms for your edible garden.

While many gardeners enjoy flowering plants, others take pride in growing plants that are edible. At Glendale Farms, we try to answer to both types of gardeners.

We have tomatoes, squash, peppers, eggplant, pumpkins, kale, cabbage, corn, green beans and much much more. We also carry some edible flowers such as pansy and nasturtium.

Remember, gardeners, it is June and many gardeners have been here already to get their plants. Hurry over while our selection is still plentiful.

Vegetables and Herbs at Glendale Farms

June Gardening Chores & Hanging Basket Care

  • Finish planting summer annuals and edible gardens
  • Complete planting summer flowering bulbs, such as canna, gladiolus and dahlias
  • Plant caladium and tuberous begonias or impatiens in shady spots
  • Continue to mulch and weed your planting beds
  • Water and fertilize your hanging baskets and containers as needed
  • Harvest cool weather edibles such as lettuce, radishes and spinach
  • Mow and water your lawns
  • The care for your hanging baskets is important during the hotter dryer months. Watering and fertilizing and an occasional trim is important to keep them looking their best.
  • Proven Winners has a great article on hanging basket selection and care that you may want to read for a detailed discussion about these beauties and how to keep them that way.
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