Summertime at Glendale Farms

June 21, 2021

A special thanks to our loyal customers and to welcome the summer 2021
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It is summer and folks should have finished planting and decorating their outside spaces by now. (read up on summertime chores and maintenance below) On the farm, we are pretty busy too with rotating our plants, trimming, and keeping our plants in top shape for our customers. You would be surprised to learn how much work goes on at the farm during the seasonal change from spring to summer. Visit us now for our half off sale!

Summertime is fun because you can use your plants to bring life and color onto your decks and patios. This helps to create and define various zones and our plants liven up the landscape. We are dedicated to keeping our plants in the best of shape so that they will thrive in your garden. Keep reading …..there are things that you should be doing now to keep your garden thriving all summer long.

Keep your garden and planters thriving all season long
Chores and Maintenance
Continue to cultivate planting beds to remove weeds
Continue to dig and divide early-blooming perennials after flowering
Water, water, water as necessary – especially those containers – water until it runs out of the bottom holes
Continue to mulch planting beds
Set supports for floppy plants, vines and vegetables
Deadhead rhododendrons, lilacs and perennials after flowering
Add to, aerate and moisten compost pile to speed decomposition
Continue to check for pests and other problems and treat as necessary
Mow lawns regularly to keep grass at 2 to 2 1/2 ” height
Leave grass clippings on lawn to improve availability of nitrogen
Water lawns if there is less than 1″ of rain per week
Harvest cool weather lettuce, radishes and scallions
Begin to spray roses every week with baking soda solution to protect against black spot disease (Cornell University’s formula consists of: 3 tsp. baking soda, 2 1/2 tbsp. summer-weight horticultural oil, mixed with 1 gallon of water)
Continue application of deer repellents
Complete moving self-sown annuals and perennials to desired locations
Plant fast growing annuals like marigolds, zinnias and cosmos from Glendale Farms directly in the garden
Plant your heat-tolerant vegetable plants from Glendale Farms
Continue to plant and transplant perennials, weather and soil conditions permitting
Finish planting your summer annuals from Glendale Farms
Complete planting summer flowering bulbs, such as canna, gladiolus and dahlias
Plant caladium and tuberous begonias in shady spots
Pruning/ Fertilizing
Continue to prune all plant material to remove any diseased, dead, weak or crossed branches
Complete pruning early spring-flowering shrubs
Prune evergreens and evergreen hedges into early summer
Continue deadheading roses
Fertilize roses after peak bloom
Complete fertilizing spring-flowering bulbs
Fertilize annuals and container plants
Fertilize vegetables

A special thanks to New York Botanical Gardens for tips

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